Ginger Pink is a local business that takes pride in supporting local artists and creatives.

We showcase a range of different authentic articles of clothing, purses, jewellery, books, cards, pottery, artwork and much more! and we have a great selection of local NT artist’s.


Ginger Pink is located in the city of Darwin, Australia.

We first opened in 2017 and our mission has stayed the same since, which is bringing the NTs local creatives and designers into the spotlight.


We are also striving to keep our business as ethical and sustainable as possible and we are proud to stock the largest range of “Boody” bamboo eco wear in Darwin.

We also sell fashionable belts made from recycled tyres.


We are proud of what Ginger Pink has transformed into, it came from a simple idea, a rough plan and is now a successful business! And we are very excited for the new experiences and adventures the future holds for us :)